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Originating in Wuyishan (Fujian), Oolong or Wulong (“dark dragon") is one of China's six types of tea, like, Lucha (green tea), Hongcha (' red tea' i.e. - black tea), Heicha ('black tea', i.e. - Pu-erh tea), etc. Oolong tea fallsbetween the green and black tea categories, with degrees of oxidation ranging from 7 percent to 70 percent. Oolong tea has been produced since the end of the Ming Dynasty. China's principal production areas include Minbei (North Fujian), Minnan (South Fujian), Guangdong, and Taiwan. The green tea leaves undergo a short and carefully controlled oxidizing process that places oolong halfway between black and green teas. Oolongs are mainly made in South China and Taiwan. Oolongs are considered by the Chinese to be the most health-giving teas. Some of the world's finest Oolongs come from Formosa or Taiwan. The quality of an Oolong depends upon the ability of the tea maker to manage the oxidation process, which can be manipulated to create extraordinary teas. The higher the degree or percentage of oxidation, the darker the tea will be when steeped. Recently, Oolongs also have been manufactured in the Darjeeling and Nilgiri regions of India.