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    Black Tea

    Black tea is made from leaves that have been fully oxidized, producing a rich & hearty flavor in amber-colored liquor.

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    Oolong Tea

    The quality of an Oolong depends upon the ability of the tea maker to manage the oxidation process.

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    Green Tea

    Green tea is dried and rolled, but not oxidized. The leaves are rolled or twisted in a variety of ways.

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    White Tea

    The tea leaves are slightly steamed and then mostly sun-dried. The tea steeps a very delicate, light cup with vegetative flavor.

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    Herbal Tea

    Fruits, herbs, and edible plants infused in boiled water make many lovely beverages called “Tisanes” (in French).

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    Pu-erh Tea

    Pu-Erh is made from tea that is exposed to an unknown bacterium and allowed to undergo a sort of secondary fermentation.

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