Tea is more than just flavors and emotions. It is a perspective. A perspective to live a life as serenely and as ecstatically as a cup of freshly-brewed tea

The Chado Tea journey started in 1990 as a small tea room in Los Angeles. Today, Chado operates 4 stores in Los Angeles, and has a strong retail presence in India. With 30 years of tea-expertise, Chado continuously delights tea-lovers and mentors several tea sommeliers and tea brands.

Amit Mehta, India's first Certified Tea Sommelier, is the person who has brought Chado To India. Starting off as a layman, he had a love-hate relationship with tea, however, on meeting his mentors Late Devan Shah and James Norwood Pratt of Chado LA, Amit was transformed. Today, Amit is tea-purist and firmly believes that tea is the wine of the 21st century.

With Chado, we want to introduce the delights of tea drinking to experts and novices alike. Each of the 75 varieties of tea is sourced from origin and hand blended in small batches.